The Corona Virus Pandemic has caused gaps in students learning. Parents who have the money and means have been able to pay for tuition to make up for this gap. Unfortunately, not all parents can afford tuition especially at the time when many have lost their jobs because of the Pandemic.
At the AYDA foundation, our role is to provide guidance and support to parents and students who will normally not be able to afford it.
There are many free resources, that students can use to catch up with missed content or consolidate what they have learned in class. In this section we will provide you the links to websites that provide videos, revision notes exam questions for free.
How can you use these resources effectively?
  • Find out what topic your child is studying in School

  • Click on the relevant video on that topic

  • Click on the exam questions or workbook questions to practice

  • Use the Mark Scheme to mark your work

For help about online learning and how to help your child, watch the videos below