Community Empowerment
A whole system approach to community care and prevention through relationships and coproduction
We Are here for You

AYDA Community Support Group aims to recognise integration and celebrate differences such as the need for community cohesion; and to achieve integration between different ethnic groups building bridges across communities to develop mutual understanding.

We offer peer support to the parents and guardians of the children and young people as well as others who wish to attend. We have fortnightly meetings. The sessions consist of group discussions and debates on cultural diverse practices & values.

AYDA regularly invites guest speakers to give talks on subjects such as arranged/traditional marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM) and other problems or issues parents may have with their children.

AYDA provides support and mediation for affected individuals and signposts to other organisations where necessary. We encourage affected individuals to share their experiences so they learn from each other in this way and identify how other people’s attitudes and beliefs differ. Contact between members outside of the session is encouraged.

AYDA Community Support Group sessions are held monthly and are user-led. They have been very successful as the demand for more sessions is growing and AYDA intends to meet this demand by increasing the number of sessions.

How we do it?
  • One to one sessions to empower, inspire and motivate people in distress in the homes, schools and communities
  • Speaking in schools and colleges to both students and teachers
  • Training for professionals and parents to support assessments and interventions
  • Facilitating supportive sessions for grassroot parents
  • Multi agency working to safeguard
  • Empowering Professionals on harmful cultural and religious practices, beliefs and attitudes through training and community work.
AYDA’s support

If you have personal experience of, or know of anyone who has undergone FGM, AYDA can provide support, advice and information about accessing specialist health care and counselling for girls and women affected by FGM.

    • AYDA run support group sessions by sensitive female staff that have an understanding of FGM and what women have undergone.
    • AYDA provides support and safe space for girls and women to talk about their experiences.
    • AYDA educates and works with families to prevent FGM happening to any other girls in the family.
    • AYDA provides access and support for girls and women needing specialist health services who are affected by FGM.
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