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Rebuilding Lives for Futures

There is no Big Things Than Your Concern

We are Always Open for Children

Giving a Helping Hands to Those Who Need it

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We Are Creating a Brighter Tomorrow

Make Someone's Life by Giving of Yours

Welcome to

AYDA Centre 

AYDA is committed to provide stability to empower future generations.

Our Vision

Ayda Centre has built a platform focused on aiding

AYDA is a Diaspora organisation set up as a platform to advocate, support and empower young people to overcome the challenges they face especially those with learning difficulties. Young people have a lot to overcome in order to lead normal lives and their parents, most of whom usually have little support, tend to suffer. There are very few places for such parents to turn to for assistance and often they are not aware of others who have the same problem and could be of great support to each other.

“AYDA is living proof that, although helping just one person can seem like a drop in the ocean, that drop can be a person’s whole world. One by one…we will change the world for the better.”


Empowering Youth

We aim to give young people the tools they need to create change.

Spreading Love

Everyone is human. They should be treated that way. We aim to foster a culture whereby everyone is treated equally.

Raising Money

We organise many campaigns in order to raise money. We then use that money to create projects.

Raising Awareness

We aim to give young people the tools they need to create change.

Building a Community

The Youth Project is a family. We are a team of individuals who share a common goal: to change the world.

Having Fun

Social change should be fun, we like to have an awesome time while we do what we do

Working towards a sustainable world free of poverty and empowering young people as equal partners in promoting development.