About Us

The African Youth Development Association (AYDA) is an International registered charity in England and Wales that supports the development of young people including those with special educational needs and their families through education and training.

The association became a company registered by guarantee in September 2007 and a registered International Charity in February 2008 with Board of Directors appointed to run the organisation.

The charity’s vision is to empower future generations and is commitment to improve the quality of life for young people to fulfill their potential and to make a positive contribution to their communities.


AYDA is a registered charity working for the benefit of all young people including those with additional needs and their families.

AYDA embraces cultural diversity and health issues, focusing on FGM and parental care by raising awareness between ethnic groups to build bridges across communities.

AYDA is managed by a board of trustees and our services are delivered by sectional trainers and volunteers.

AYDA provides training opportunities, employment enhancement training, recreational activities and intervention services for all.

AYDA works together with other voluntary organizations, local government departments, statutory authorities and other independent bodies.


Working towards a sustainable world free of poverty and empowering young people as equal partners in promoting development


AYDA is committed to provide stability to empower future generations. We seek positive change through support of people in needs.

Our Value

Personal service

Help is Our goal !

The principle aim of the charity is to reduce the vulnerability of these vulnerable young people by increasing their social standing in the country. Vulnerable young people in the Cameroon who are left with no parental guidance face a future that will almost certainly consist of homelessness and vagrancy, the dangers of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and a real risk of death at a young age.

The difficulties facing the group of young people of particular concern to the charity are further complicated by deafness, which renders social interaction almost impossible. Education itself, even where the facilities exist becomes inaccessible. The pressure on the health and education resources of Cameroon is already high, and for vulnerable young people there is the danger that they will become marginalized and consequently neglected by a society that does not have the resources to help them.


To achieve this, we shall use a community-based approach to the development of the teenage orphans and street teen so that this vulnerable group are able to  contribute to, and benefit from, national development. The charity will help as many vulnerable young people as possible, by starting at a local level and concentrating on a selected geographical area.

The first task will be to set up an AYDA Centre from which the charity will run on a daily basis. The education of the young people will be based on providing them with new skills to be self-sufficient and hopefully will be able to secure future employment. Indeed, it is hoped that some of the young people will be able to find jobs of which are strong economies in Cameroon.


AYDA Centre currently runs various skills workshops for young people as well as facilitates activities that support young people with learning difficulties through workshops and training. This enables them to gain knowledge and skills in a supportive atmosphere of mutual trust. Thus the charity is committed to working with young people to build their capabilities and to advocate for adequate resource allocation to enable them to fulfil their full potential.

AYDA is a Diaspora organisation planning to build on its work to establish a platform to advocate, support and empower all young people including those with additional needs. With the vision of working towards a sustainable world free of poverty and empowering young people as equal partners in promoting development, the charity remains aware that young people face particular challenges and have distinct needs. Thus the charity is committed to working with young people to build their capabilities and to advocate for adequate  esource allocation to enable young people to fulfil their full potentials.

AYDA supports good causes and positive change for our future generations.
What Makes Us Different
AYDA Educate
AYDA help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need.
Providing a support group for parents of children and young people with learning difficulties who are isolated and/or have no familial bonds.
AYDA Build
We provide opportunities to acquire new skills in a sensitive environment will boost employment prospects.
AYDA Donate
One to one sessions to empower, inspire and motivate people in distress in the homes, schools and communities.

To advance in life and relieve needs of young people through the provision of recreational and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life

Providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals

To help young people, especially but not exclusively through leisure time activities, so as to develop their capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.