Refugees And Asylum Seeker Support

AYDA supports African refugees/asylum seekers on issues such as accessing services provided by mainstream agencies, gaining skills and employment so they can settle in the UK as useful and productive members of their host society, and dealing with harmful cultural practices (e.g. FGM).


Our aims are to:

  • Advance equality by enabling our Service Users (SUs) to gain skills & employment/self-employment to improve their incomes and get themselves and
    their families out of poverty
  • Improve SUs’ health & wellbeing by increasing their uptake of health and welfare services
  • Address FGM issues through a survivors’ support group and awareness-raising programmes for teachers, health professionals, and welfare workers
  • Empower BAME young people to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities so they can become economically productive members of British society
  • Provide information, signpost and support SUs to access specialist services when needed
  • Act as a resource for young people by providing advice and organising educational, recreational, and leisure time activities
  • Address domestic violence and gang issues with a community-led approach.

AYDA primarily serves African émigré community women/girls living in South London. Most come from the west or central Africa, many as refugees or asylum seekers. AYDA trustees and volunteers are themselves community members and therefore have a deep understanding of the community’s culture and social aspects, and the issues community members face.