Parenting program modules give parents an understanding of children’s behaviour, provide strategies for effective discipline, encourage positive behaviours and build resilience and self-esteem in families.

Seedlings – parental expectations, communicating with baby, settling, routine, safety and coping strategies, Dad’s and babies, siblings and caring for yourself.

Understanding why toddlers do what they do and what parents can realistically expect and do. Practical ideas shared about tantrums, eating, routine, sleeping, play and more.

Preparing the Soil – Understanding children’s behaviour, parent traps, improving relationships with children and giving positive attention

Planting the Seed – Talking with your children, communication building and blocks, negotiating, getting children to listen and dealing with anger.

Pruning and Training – Exploring positive discipline, routine, boundaries and consequences and encouraging desired behaviours.

Getting to the Root of the Problem – What is challenging behaviour, managing challenging behaviour, what works and what doesn’t, realistic behaviour management solutions.

Encouraging Blooms – Building family resilience and self-esteem, handling conflict, how to stay positive

Nurturing the Gardener – Strategies to look after yourself and building self-esteem on limited time, asking for help, building assertiveness skills. Resources available