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AYDA Vocational Centre

AYDA proposed to build the first vocational training centre in Cameroon specifically for teenage orphans and vulnerable street teens. The aim is to promote independence and sustainability in today’s youth society in a supportive, positive and stimulating environment. The intended AYDA Vocational Centre in Cameroon will be the first African model centre for tackling grassroots poverty among vulnerable and teenage orphans to address the root causes as well as the impact, symptoms and manifestation of poverty.

The centre will accommodate vulnerable young people and will provide practical skills and knowledge through accredited portfolio building training courses aiming to tackle grassroots poverty.

AYDA proposes to build a pilot vocational training centre for the vulnerable teenagers, orphans and street young people in Cameroon. The programmes will offer the young people a chance of growing up in a supportive, positive and stimulating environment. The pilot scheme aims to tackle grassroots poverty and to build capacity to prevent poverty among vulnerable teenagers. To meet each individual young person short-term and long-term education needs.

Again, AYDA centre intend to reach out to many vulnerable and teenage orphans during this first phase of the project. AYDA centre will use a simple and straight forward questionnaire to establish some useful statistic about the target group for further intervention.


Project Goals

Training programmes in the Vocational Centre will be users-led through individual training needs analysis. Rehabilitation session will be provided and for each young person, individual short-term and long-term programmes will be set up to achieve outcomes. The Vocational Centre will network with orphanage and street centres/organisations in the country to provide capacity building and various safeguarding training

As part of AYDA’s organisational development, AYDA provide various accredited training with awarding organisations to support young people that are more likely to face barriers to education, training and employment in the UK.

The primary goal of our project is to provide literacy and marketable vocational training to the marginalised and underprivileged vulnerable young people in Cameroon giving them an opportunity to enhance their lives towards a more promising future by making them economically independent. The idea is to empower these young people using our UK model which is already proving successfully.

Cameroon Contact


Djomo Moungah Arnaud


Tel: (002376) 9617 2035 / (002376) 5164 3661


AYDA Vocational Centre 

PO Box  05 Bangou

Bafoussam West Region

Republic of Cameroon